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Visit of the Council of American Ambassadors

The representatives of the Council of American Ambassadors visited our University on 7th April 2016. The Council consists of active and retired United States ambassadors, whose mission is to bridge political and administrative fields and build links between private and public sectors. 

Today, the Council has over 230 members, both retired and on active duty, whose service collectively extends over five decades and eleven US Presidents. The Council supports the Department of State and its Chiefs of Mission, sponsors Fellowships to develop young leaders for careers in public diplomacy and international affairs, and conducts semiannual conferences on current international topics.

Eleven members of the Council completed a study visit to Hungary between 3-10 April. Five members of the delegation visited our University on the 7 April to acquire knowledge on the Hungarian way of public service education and further training.

  • Timothy A. Chorba
  • C. Donald Johnson Jr.,
  • Timothy L. Towell
  • Carolyn M. Gretzinger
  • Stephanie C. Harley

The participants had a roundtable discussion with the Rector of the National University of Public Service Patyi András and with the Vice-Rector of the National University of Public Service Norbert Kis. They have learned the special comprehensive concept of the National university of Public Service, where civil, military and law enforcement professionals are trained together. The members of delegation found it very interesting, that our students acquire a “whole of government” approach during their studies and will be prepared accomplish tasks overarching different branches of public service, requiring cooperation among different type of personnel.

Following the introduction of the University, Prof. Dr. ret. gen. Zoltán Szenes introduced the present security challenges in Hungary and Europe, in the framework of international cooperation. He explained the migration situation and the state of the international security cooperation from a European point of view.

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