Klementina Kozma

Klementina Kozma continues her Ph.D. studies at the Doctoral School of Military Sciences at the University of Public Service. Ms. Kozma studied international relations (BA) at Pázmány Péter Catholic University, security and defense policy (MA) at the University of Public Service and regional and environmental economics (Msc) at Corvinus University of Budapest. Committed to strengthening scientific relations between young researchers, she also held the position as the president of the Department of Military Sciences at the Association of Hungarian Ph.D. and DLA students in 2018-2019.

Since 2009 she is also a member of the Alfred L. Toth Foundation for the Crossborder Hungarian Students. 

Besides her studies, Ms. Kozma is working at the Institute for American Studies at NUPS as an assistant research fellow. Her research field focuses on US strategic partnerships, transatlantic relations of the Eastern European countries, and global security challenges.