The Institute of Cyber Security together with the American Studies Research Institute invites you to an online book launch on “China's Quest for Foreign Technology: Beyond Espionage” with Didi Kirsten Tatlow, co-editor and co-author of the above mentioned book, published in 2021.

Didi Kirsten Tatlow, a senior fellow at the Asia Program at the German Council of Foreign Relations (DGAP) in Berlin, Germany, and a Senior Non-Resident Fellow at Projekt Sinopsis in Prague, Czechia, co-edited and co- authored a book, “China’s Quest for Foreign Technology: Beyond Espionage” (Routledge, 2021)

4:00 pm – 4:10 pm Introduction
Csaba Krasznay, PhD, Director, Institute of Cyber Security
Balázs Mártonffy, PhD, Director, American Studies Research Institute
4:10 pm – 5:10 pm Presentation by Didi Kirsten Tatlow, co-editor and co-author of the book
5:10 pm – 5:30 pm Q&A

Participation at the event is open for the public, but advanced registration is required.
You can register until June 14, 2021, at:


The American Studies Research Institute together with the Institute for Foreign Affairs and Trade invites you to a roundtable discussion on “The myth of the first 100 days? What Joe Biden’s initial policy steps mean and their likely impact on US-Hungarian relations”


- Tamás Fellegi, PhD, Emeritus Director, American Studies Research Institute;

- Tamás Péter Baranyi, PhD, Deputy Director for Strategy, Institute for Foreign Affairs and Trade;

- Dwight Nystrom, PhD, former US diplomat, Scholar, American Studies Research Institute;

- Máté Litkei, Director, Mathias Corvinus Collegium Climate Policy Institute;

- Ryan Brockhaus, Budapest Fellowship Program, Senior Fellow.

Moderator: Balázs Mártonffy, PhD, Director, American Studies Research Institute

Time: 29th April 2021 4:30 – 6:00 pm

Venue: Online



The American Studies Research Institute is organizing a round-table discussion with Col. Timothy Manning and Balázs Mártonffy on US-Iran conflict. Recent events in the Middle-East created new tensions and instability in power balance. We will talk about the current situation and future possibilities.

Moderator: Klementina Kozma, American Studies Research Institute


18:00 – 18:10 Introduction

18:10 – 18:30 Presentation of the political and international dimension of the conflict – Balázs Mártonffy, PhD

18:30 – 18:50 Presentation of the military dimension of the conflict –  Col. Timothy Manning

18:50 – 19:15 Discussion

19:15 – 19:30 Q&A

Date: 10 March 2020

Venue: National University of Public Service, Residence Hall C&D Rooms, 1089 Budapest, Orczy út 1. 

Language: English


One of the roundtable discussions organized by the NUPS American Studies Research Institute reviewed a US and China centered trade war that is part of a wider geopolitical conflict between the two powers. This year we make an attempt to discuss the general nature of trade wars as well as current US trade actions and their impact on the rules-based Multilateral System including the WTO and the Bretton Woods institutions.